Beware the Dogs

Feet are amazing. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to get weird. I have a healthy respect for feet and their ability to hike, jump, point, flex and dance. 26 bones and 33 joints, plus hundreds of tendons, muscles and ligaments make these movements happen. People tend to overlook feet or be grossed out by them. I do understand that to a point, they tend to be dirty and smelly. Feet are under appreciated until something goes wrong with one of them.

I have been hanging around on the couch with my foot up for nearly three weeks because of a ridiculous accident. I wish I could say I got a serious foot sprain from killing it during a Cha Cha. Or maybe I take sooooo many lessons my feet just couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. Nope. I sprained it playing with my mom’s puppy. Yes, you read that correctly. Playing with a puppy.

My regular dance lesson on Monday, March 9, was technical, but I’ve survived many like that. My Pilates reformer class was a bit hard on my feet, but it’s not the first time. It was Wednesday when I had my legs under me and I sat down on them that my foot decided it was done with me. It’s a good thing the puppy is cute.

Is it bad that my first thought was, “It’s a good thing the instructors were all just wheelchair certified”?

Today I had my follow up orthopedic appointment and I found out my foot has neither stress fracture or major ligament damage. I can go back to work next week and resume my normal activities. My ortho must forget that I don’t pursue “normal” activities. He scanned my chart and quickly added a “no heels for a few weeks” order. Hmmmmm. Bummer. I see the logic in this since I can’t stand on my tip toes yet, but my illogical brain is mentally ordering a pair of barely heeled practice shoes.

Unfortunately, logic must win out here. I need to get back to work first. Then I’ll take mat Pilates if my foot can stand it. Perhaps I’ll take a group class at the studio with my husband. There’s no point in spending tons of money if I can’t function at a decent level. Plus most of what I’ve been working on during class has been footwork.

At least there’s an end in sight now. I can see myself dancing again soon! So look out for your dogs.


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