Type A?

How can I tell my daughter to read a book that I haven’t read myself? I can’t. My conscience won’t allow it. I forgot about that fact while I was curriculum planning for next year. I’m a Type A research type person. I’ve spent hours looking at book lists and taking suggestions from people. I wrote a lengthy list of books children need to read before high school. I really make planning a bigger deal than it probably is. As I was spreading this ridiculously long list of books out into reasonable (by mom standards) increments, I noticed something. I hadn’t read many of these myself. In my defense, there are some books on the list that weren’t  out when I was young, but they are predominantly classics of some sort. How did I miss out on these books? I’ve never read The Phantom Tollbooth or Treasure Island! How am I supposed to have discussions with her if I have no clue? Hard questions with one answer. Her TBR just became added to my TBR.

Obviously, the Type A thing at work again.

Any book suggestions for a sixth grader? Any suggestions for changing my crazy personality?