On Breakups

After returning to work for two, back to back 12 hour shifts I’m contemplating breakups. I hate confrontation. As you can imagine I’m the one who gets dumped, I don’t do the dumping. Part of me mentally visualizes myself flipping the bird and walking out on an expletive-laden rant on healthcare/nursing. Not gonna happen. My personality would not allow this. Plus my dance lessons demand employment. Once I start calming down my brain still lingers on the breakup thing. I have one breakup currently pending and one that I’m pushing off for as long as possible. So I’ve been inspired to write.

After two years of Calvert homeschool, it has become breakup time. Calvert is a brilliant, all in one, never have to think option for parents. The education children receive is phenomenal. Why am I leaving? It is not for my daughter. Little Mop Top does not thrive in a “school at home” environment. Plus, I don’t feel we’re taking advantage of the fun things to learn. We have so much to do in this area of the world. I’m in the process of figuring out exactly how next year is going to play out. New York State can be a challenging state to homeschool in. This means hours of research because I never do anything the easy way. Never forget the Type A. Needless to say I’m handling this breakup very maturely, I’m screening my phone calls. They’ll get the hint.

The breakup I’m avoiding…this one takes some explaining. A year and a half ago, my husband got tired of me talking about how I wanted to learn to dance. He set me up with an introductory lesson at a studio in the big city. A studio owned by famous people. I’ll leave it at that. To get to this studio I have to take a 2 hour train ride each way. I’m not sure what hubs was expecting. Of course I signed up for more lessons. So Studio #1 is far, far away and super expensive. But I love my teacher. He’s the extrovert to my introvert, yet geeky just like me. We mesh well. On the other side, Little Mop Top has danced for four months at our local franchise studio. My hubs and I did a few lessons there together as well. Hubs would like me to just go to studio #2, it’s closer and a bit cheaper. It seems reasonable, but I don’t think I’m capable of breaking up with Studio #1 or my teacher. This is such a personal breakup. So for now I have to block out 6 hours of my day to take one hour long lesson. I just can’t do breakups.

(Just so you know. I think I write backwards. Things will become more clear the more I blog. This didn’t help, did it.)


2 thoughts on “On Breakups

  1. And here I thought my 20 mile trip to my studio was long. But leaving a teacher you are comfortable with is difficult. Any chance of doing both studios?? Just take fewer lessons at the far away studio??

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    1. Ha! The close studio is 20 miles away. I’m thinking of taking the group lessons at the closer studio for now. I can’t do much other than my lesson at the far studio. Parties mean getting home at 2 am during the week. I’m too old for that crap!


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