I made my grand return to Pilates this morning. It felt so good to get back to exercise after this foot injury. 

Pilates is something I decided to try about six months ago to help with my ballroom lessons. I felt that I was too out of shape to progress much farther without additional exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried exercise before. I’m one of those people who sign up and never continue. I buy equipment for my home and never use it. This is because I need appointments. I hate phone calls, so if you want me to do something, an appointment is the way to go(darn shyness at work again). Pilates fits the above and so I’ve been successful in continuing regularly up until my injury. 

I’ve found Pilates a great way to make my lessons, and therefore my money, go farther. My turnout in rhythm/Latin is better. Squats and other leg work has helped my smooth go farther. I almost have my splits again, which serves no purpose at this point other than bragging that I’m 35 and can do splits. Money well spent, in my opinion. Any other Pilates people out there?

Thanks to endorphins, I’m in a cheerful mood. I’d be even better if I had taken a dance lesson, but I’m not able to deal with heels yet. Dance lessons add a bit extra with the music and body contact/oxytocin release. But, considering the circumstances, I’ll take the Pilates induced endorphins and run with them.