Peppermint Tea and Testing

The weather is definitely signaling that spring is here. I spent the Friday thru Sunday at work, so I missed the heat wave. Now we’ve begun the April showers. With spring comes my NY mandated quarterly report, and this year, NY homeschool mandated standardized tests. Homeschoolers can’t opt out of these. We do get to choose which brand of test we would like to take. I decided to go with the PASS Test, since it is made withhomeschoolers in mind.

Little Mop Top is finishing 5th grade. She went to public school through 3rd grade, so she knows about testing. She is an anxious test taker.  She also has ADHD (something I didn’t believe in until I met my daughter). Timed tests do not work for her. She reads nothing and just picks answers because she’s afraid she’s going to run out of time. Thankfully, the PASS test is untimed. It’s three sections. We do one section a day.

Today Little Mop Top woke with a stomachache. We all know why. Darn test that we’re forced to take. So, I brought out the pretty tea pot and a pretty cup and she’s ready for some peppermint tea sipping while she tests. Life is always a bit better with tea.


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