The Dance High is Dangerous

So, today I took Little Mop Top to her dance lesson at Studio #2, as usual. They started choreography for the Student Showcase taking place in June. She’s doing an American Tango with her teacher and a Slow Waltz with her father. There will be tears that day. Hubs is starting some lessons again just so he can dance with LMT.

Back to the point, LMT’s teacher grabbed me after her lesson for a Viennese Waltz. My first dance since injury. I’m a bit rusty, but that one dance just felt so good. It felt so good, he talked me into doing a showcase with him. My first showcase! What was I thinking? I have to dance in front of people….alone. Eeeeeek!
I asked newly dubbed Teach 2 which dances were lacking in the showcase so far. End result, I need either a Quickstep or Rumba song by next week. I’m so nervous to have to learn a routine. For Team Match I just followed, so I’ve never had a routine before. Here’s hoping my body and memory can keep up.
The dance high is dangerous! Look what it got me into!


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