Teacher Appreciation Day

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, here are three things I’ve learned from my dance teacher that are not dance steps. (There are more. Maybe I’ll save those for next year.)

1. Patience – He is endlessly patient with me whether I’m slow to learn a new step, am down on my body shape, or completely distracted. It’s helped me be more patient with the people in my life. Primarily in teaching my own daughter, but also with family, workmates, and patients at work.
2. Hugs – In the dance studio my gigantic personal space bubble disappears wether I like it or not. Everyone hugs. Hugs hello, hugs goodbye, hugs because you said something funny – you get the picture. As a result, I’m not afraid of hugging anymore. Actually I kind of like it. I have started hugging my daughter more often, literally chasing her for hugs.
3. 10,000 hours – don’t compare yourself with professionals. Don’t compare yourself with anyone, but comparing yourself with professional dancers is unproductive and possibly harmful to your mental state. This goes beyond dance as well. Comparing children with each other. Comparing parenting styles. Comparing yourself with a model in a magazine. It’s all unproductive.
Yes, I’m aware that Teacher Appreciation Day is technically meant for teachers in schools, but I don’t care. It’s my blog and I can do what I want.  😝