Like a Duck?

This is nearly a week late because life happened before editing was finished.

The new secretary at Studio #1 didn’t know that Mr. R isn’t my primary, so I got a surprise this past week. I’m not too upset (this is a lie – internally I’m screaming and stamping my feet like a two year old). The logical side of my brain tells me it’s good to get different perspectives on my dancing. I went with this mature perspective for the sake of appearances. Adult hissy fits are unattractive.

Mr. R admits that he is still getting a feel for how I move so he can choose the things he wants to work on. Likewise, I’m still getting used to his teaching. He caught a few things that I need to improve on. In Rumba I need to glue my thighs together in cross body so I pivot easier. We also worked on arm styling. I didn’t have much before this lesson, to be honest. I’ve just gotten out of the T-Rex arms phase! The style he taught me doesn’t make me uncomfortable. Teach #1 was trying to get me to be too sexy. I don’t feel/look/desire to look overtly sexy. When Mr. R suggested I do that, I told him it makes me want to giggle manically in embarrassment. I just feel silly. Instead of giving me a pep talk about how I should feel better about myself, he just said. Don’t do it, then. How simple was that. Maybe I’ll start using my arms now that some of the pressure to be something I’m not is gone.
Tango. (Warning: my brain doesn’t always work in complete sentences) Two things to remember. Number One, I need to grip his thigh between mine better so he knows I’m in position for the next step. My mind has to process: Yes, there is a strange mans leg between yours. You signed up for this. Get a grip. Number Two, when he leads to promenade, my left foot needs to turn with my body. It is more comfortable this way. And Get a Down There. Use those quads! You do squats for a reason! We also had fun doing a very sassy under arm turn. I’ve always don’t it pretty basic, but now it’s: Fan, step point, step swivel, step step close. Make sense? That first swivel makes a huge difference.

Mr. R loves some Argentine. Notes to self. Turn out feet. Don’t bend knees – this isn’t smooth! Stick bum out “like a duckling”. I kid you not. He wants my butt sticking out like I’m a duck. Not the visual I usually think of when I think Argentine Tango, but it was effective. Having my bum stick out helps with the chest move, body move, feet move last phenomenon.
I’m starting to really feel good about Mr. R as a teacher. He’s given me a lot of great things to think about and, hopefully, execute in my dancing. A good foundation is so important in dance, but also in all learning. I hope these small technical details are going to pay off later.

Showcase lesson went well, if well = my head may explode. They keep telling me that this is an easy routine. I can’t imagine what a hard one looks like. Plus, I have a serious case of performance anxiety already. I know it’s not until next month, but the panic sets in early. What was I thinking?!?!
Time for tea. Happy dancing, everyone.