Summer Reading

You know what they say about plans. I have hopes of reading down my stack of physical books over this year. I have no more room on my shelves, so it’s read or never buy a beautiful book again. Summer is the time of year that I get some larger books read, partially because I don’t have to teach my daughter 4 hours a day. I still have the goal of reading through my daughter’s TBR before assigning them to her, so there are a few of her books on my pile. I have quite a few new release books on hold at the library for when they are released to add to the pile.  Here it is in all its splendor:

This is by no means comprehensive. I own the entire Eragon series and may read them all. I also own two additional Edward Rutherfurd books/tomes. They are massive and require me to be in the right mood.

Do you have massive book plans this summer?