Bye-Bye Fifth Grade! Hello Middle School!

Little Mop Top and I finished Fifth Grade! No more Calvert Homeschool! Three weeks of sleeping in and letting her get bored while her other friends finish up their school years!

My end of the year paperwork has to be in to the school district before July 1, the first day of the new school year. I’m still finishing that up and I’m still going strong on my curriculum planning for Sixth Grade. I love research. There are post-it’s all over the house. My desk is covered in papers. It’s great. 🙂

On July 1 we start again. Yes, my daughter has to do light school over summer. If we don’t do math, she’ll forget everything. I also believe that kids need to read. Her summer reading list is fun and not too long. Who doesn’t love some messy science? Experiments are best done outside where there’s a hose! So it’s looking to be a jam-packed summer with just enough time to get her bored and ready for more formal work in September.

I’m hoping to post some of the interesting things we do this summer here. It’s another reason why I started a blog, to keep track of the school we do together. Maybe someone who homeschools and needs some ideas will stumble on here and get some good ones (without the ridiculous amount of advertisements).

Do you remember anything from Sixth Grade? I have some great memories of that year. I hope LMT will have a great year!


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