Just Plugging Along

It’s been awhile ballroom friends. Sorry for the lag between posts. I’ve been very busy with work and life these past weeks. I’ve been taking my lessons regularly, but there hasn’t been any major breakthroughs mentally or technically. Ok, I lied. I did a Showcase. I was nervous, I went out there and loved it. Who would have guessed? I’m not known for my love of attention (good or bad), but I loved performing. It makes no logical sense, but there it is. I’m hopeful that I’ll get to do another soon.

My lessons have been on Viennese Waltz technique and maintaining my balance during Rhythm dance swivels. Boring to y’all, since you’ve all been dancing much longer than I.

I learned a bit of Bolero at Studio #2 during my showcase lessons. I didn’t need to use all my lesson time practicing my choreography because I knew it, so we had to do something. Bolero was it. So far I love it and hope to continue with it!

There was one moment last week when I was warming up with a Tango with Teach #1 and Mr. R had come in and I didn’t see him. Apparently I was working it because he and the lady studio manger starting whooping and hollering and whistling at me. Teach #1 just looked at me for a few moments and then said, “That was real good.” Praise like that comes once in a lifetime. I soaked it up.

I’m not looking for drama at next week’s lesson, but I’m hopeful I have something a little exciting to talk about. Till then, I’m here, not working my job so hard for the next month, and hoping for some good stories.


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