Stand Up Straight

When I first started dancing I was always complemented on my posture. It wasn’t surprising to me as all the pictures I have of myself playing the piano or doing other activities, I’m standing to make my mother proud. In this day and age this is a big deal. I feel that the humans in Wall-E are our future we don’t watch out, but I digress. My posture is not bad, but…

Today I had a lesson in ballroom straight. It really started with my head trying to spin around like something out of The Exorcist during the Viennese Waltz. My feet are going in the proper direction, by frame is great, my head is weird. One of the lady teachers (I’ll call her Dimples), suggested an exercise for us to try. I put my right arm up against Teach #1’s neck (cutting off his Carotid artery circulation) and the rest of me was in frame. This seemed to help me keep my head up, looking over my knuckles. Teach decided to add to this exercise by pulling my ponytail to adjust my head and then holding it there. How he did this while still leading is beyond me.

Back to posture. Dimples has the most beautiful frame I’ve ever seen. She is gorgeous (I’m saying this as a completely heterosexual woman.) She expanded our lesson from just my head to improving my “good posture” to ballroom posture. As you all know, this is not the same thing. Not even close. In the past when someone told me to stand up straighter I would go through a long list of things in my head to get my body to behave. Teach streamlined that to two. Teach taught me to pull my sternum (he jabbed his finger right above my cleavage, I don’t know where this would be on others) to the ceiling, and make my neck as long as possible. That’s it. In doing these two things you naturally engage your core, put your shoulders down, and do all the other things on the list. After he said that I went immediately into this beautiful ballroom frame. I love it when things click.

I’ll leave you with the fun banter that ended our lesson. All the teachers had gone to an amusement part the past weekend for team building exercises. I admitted to being a roller coaster junkie. I love them and I love to know who around me love them as well. Sometimes it’s not the people you think… So, at the end of our lesson Teach says to me, “I think I finally figured out why you love Viennese Waltz so much. It’s your own personal roller coaster.” I just blurted out, “You’re right. I just want to shout ‘Again’ every time you stop. I want it to keep going, and going, and going!!!” Cue realization, blushing, and backpedaling.

Enjoy your dance week!