I’ve been taking lessons at both studios since Showcase and it’s a bit confusing. My brain can’t keep up with all the new information and I feel my dancing is taking a nosedive as a result.

Mr. R at Studio #1 had me sweating like a pig. He was trying to cement the press line into my body. My body was rebelling. Typical. It was quite frustrating. The swiveling action, the press line, all the crossovers… Too much. He even took video. I barely think I can dance at all. Show me my giant a$$ and horrid feet in slow motion and I just want to run screaming in the other direction. I think I ended the lesson doing my Rumba and Cha-Cha half the crappy way I was doing it and half the corrected way. In other words, all screwed up. I’m going to have to clarify a LOT this week.

At Studio #2 I had a childish hissy fit when my daughter started learning Samba. So I took a lesson in Samba, too. Now they’ve got me. Later I took another lesson in International Rumba. These lessons were not technique, just steps. Still. I’ve basically added three dances over the last month. Bolero, Samba, and International Rumba. I want to learn it all, but my brain is beginning to misfire.

One thing I did enjoy was learning arms early on. At Studio #2, I was taught arm styling right away after I had gotten a feel for the footwork of the routine. I think this is beneficial so that I don’t cement poor arms into my dancing right off the bat. My initial dances still have poor arms because we never work on them. They always take second to technique. I understand to a point, but arms are an important part of expression. Thoughts?

In conclusion: Why am I so afraid of Crossovers? Anyone else have a move that just confounds them? What do you think of arms? Early teaching or later when technique has been better cemented into muscle memory?


4 thoughts on “Misfire

  1. I feel like styling should come after learning the steps and basic technique. But that might be because I am so insecure in my styling that if I don’t feel solid in the other aspects, I don’t feel comfortable AT ALL doing any kind of styling. Styling feels like the icing on the cake for me. Gotta make the cake first.

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  2. I would tend to agree. The arms are nice but they are just for show. Footwork, posture, frame and other technique things form the foundation. You need a solid foundation before you start adding frills. Of course, I’m a guy and arm styling always comes last for us.

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  3. I agree with Tattoo’s explanation of styling. Sometimes when we get frustrated or feel like we are going backwards, here’s a good question to ponder – Why am I taking dance lessons?

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