Summer Life Wrap-Up

It’s about that time. Summer was great, but fall is in the air. I feel like thinking about the stuff I’ve done (or not) this summer.

  • I danced in my first Showcase.
  • I read nearly all the books I planned to.
  • Walked the Brooklyn Bridge with my mom and daughter.
  • Visited the World Trade Center Memorial.
  • Swam. A lot.
  • Finished with my Invisalign treatment. Permanent retainer in place.
  • Introduced my daughter to all the disgusting, chemical laden candy of my childhood. (War Heads, anyone?)
  • Visited NY Botanical Garden. Enjoyed the Frida Kahlo exhibit. (Daughter keeps asking if she has a unibrow.)
  • Did not go on a vacation. Booooo.
  • Ended up doing no homeschool with my daughter. I wanted to, but we were burnt out after last year and needed the break.
  • Had two nasty colds.
  • Subscribed to Geek Box. I love it!
  • Subscribed to Book Riot Quarterly Boxes. Love them! Now I just need to read the books that came.
  • Daughter seems to be losing all her teeth. All those molars!
  • I got a pedicure. (Yes, only one.)
  • Decided with Daughter that she would like to focus on gymnastics this year. Goodbye Ballet and Tap. I’m a bit sad, but she turned 11 and knows what she likes.
  • Visited Harney and Sons Soho for tea.
  • Rediscovered NetGalley.
  • Recalled why I stopped using NetGalley. (Must review all those books!)

There’s my Summer in a nutshell. Nothing earth shattering. I hope others had a wonderful summer. Looking forward to what Autumn brings!