Gimme That Swing

I danced East Coat Swing successfully and it actually swang. Yes!

When I arrived at Studio #1 they had changed my second lesson from Teach to Mr. R. I wish they had called me first, not that I would have minded, but I do like to be mentally prepared when I walk into the studio.

Teach has been focusing on Smooth with me lately. We ended up working on using my standing leg. For some reason this had me in tears. I worked all week on rolling through my feet. I must have jumped to the conclusions that working on my standing leg was the same as rolling through, and, therefore, as a criticism of all my hard work. I started misting a bit and Teach called me out on it. So then I cried all over the place until he finally got through to me that this was an entirely different thing. I put so much pressure on myself because I want to get it. NOW. Some of these concepts take forever to master, but I want to be the first to get it in one lesson. I appreciate how Teach can talk sense into me without my mind tumbling into the pits of despair.

My lesson with Mr. R was enlightening. We started with Cha Cha where he introduced me to shadow position. I have no feelings about that yet. I’m still a bit stunned. But Swing was a huge success! He had me dancing without freaking out and being tense. The most enlightening part of our lesson was in connection. I tend to be a bit wimpy because my brain tells me that resistance is rude. Teach allows this, but I don’t think he should. Dancing Rumba with Mr. R was so good. I could feel the elasticity between us. I’m going to have to talk to Teach about this and see what he thinks. I know it will bring on an interesting lesson.

The bad news is that I’m not going to be able to afford comp in November. To compete in eight heats each of seven dances is the cost of a European Vacation. I would like to attend some of the workshops included over the three days and also attend the professional showcases, but I have some time to think on that. Have a great weekend everyone!