Tangled Up

I took a lesson with Mini because I’m a gutless coward.

I put aside all my feelings about dancing with Mini and tried to act mature. I was having a lot of foot pain, so he let me choose dances that would be lower impact. Thank goodness. We did a bit of American Tango. He showed me some new steps, but I have such a hard time dancing this dance with him because I don’t feel like I move. I really do like to move in my Smooth. I’m spoiled by Teach in that way. The new steps were good, though. I do like to be introduced to different things, it keeps my mind going.

Then we danced some West Coast Swing. I was glad to dance this one because I don’t do it at Studio #1. Plus, I like dancing this one with Mini. It’s fun, easy on my feet, and relaxed. If I find myself in lessons with Mini, I’m going to keep suggesting this dance. It’s a good on for us.

Lastly, we danced some Argentine Tango. This went so well. Other then one moment when I nearly knocked him off his feet with a Gancho nearly gone bad. My leg had a bit of momentum, enough said.

I have another lesson next week. Maybe I can talk my daughter into switching teachers for the day, or forever.


4 thoughts on “Tangled Up

  1. Gutless coward seems a wee bit harsh. It’s a touchy situation. The truth is that not every match works and height differential is important. But that is a tricky conversation to have. Good luck.

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