It’s Going to Happen

I guess you could say that I’ve moved from blah to completely petrified about this competition. I guess that the Blah that I was feeling was really denial. Yikes. No good because now I have a lot of feelings regarding this comp. Too many feelings – none of them good.

I’ve had three lessons of preparation rounds and a coaching. They went OK. The coaching was with one of the ladies at the studio. She worked with some of the parts of the non-routines that could use some smoother arm styling. I’m calling them non-routines because they never stay the same. I’m really just going to follow the best I can on Friday and leave it at that.

Teach gave me a good plan of attack for Friday. Each dance he has 2-4 things he wants me to focus on. The first run-through is to get the nerves out. Then I work on one thing at a time until I’m doing them all and running full speed for the bulk of them. It sounds logical. Let’s hope the logic wins out Friday.

Thank you D_Wall for the packing list. I’ll modify it for my gender naturally, but it was a good start.

My feelings on the subject are not pleasant. I’m afraid. Very afraid. Everyone is so proud. Everyone is so excited. Everyone thinks I can do it. What if I can’t? What if I don’t? What if I’m a big disappointment? I already cried my way home from lesson on Monday because of how scared I am. I’ve never competed at anything before. It’s not bringing out my best right now.

On a lighter note (depending on your sense of humor): I removed the floats off my dress because I’ve been having nightmares about strangling on them. Last night I dreamed it got caught in a tree and I got eaten by a T-Rex. My husband told me that he didn’t think that dinosaurs would come back from extinction in time for Friday, so he didn’t think that fear was necessary. But I’m not taking chances. Roar.


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  1. If it helps, just know that everything you are feeling is something a lot of us have felt before. Any comp can be a totally overwhelming experience and it is only natural to be a little nervous/afraid of what might happen. Your teacher has a great plan of attack. Understand that stuff is going to happen because of nerves. Don’t obsess over it because it happens to everyone and it doesn’t make you a disappointment. Focusing on certain things to work on is perfect because it gives you something to anchor on. What if you can’t?? Well, what if you can?? What if you do?? Trust your teacher. He wouldn’t have you doing this if he thought you were going to be a disappointment. You will do this. You will survive (especially since you took the floats off your dress 🙂 Best of luck!

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  2. Hi. I’ve been working up to my first comp, by doing showcases and medal tests and I am still appalled by how, as a grown woman, with lots of test taking skills, I still get SCARED!!! Properly, shaking in your knees, think you’re going to throw up scared! Who knew! I’m with D-Wall on this. Trust your teacher! They don’t want us to fail, and if your Teach is any think like mine,

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  3. Sorry to be so chatty but these two quotes popped up in my Pinterest feed. They seem appropriate so I had to share.
    “It’s Okay to be scared. Being scared means you are about to do something really brave.”
    “Don’t lose yourself in your fear.”

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  4. The trick for competing is the same trick you would use when doing Viennese Waltz – breathe and relax. If you tense up, you won’t move as naturally. I like to actually flex all the muscles in my body as hard as I can, hold it for a few seconds, then let all the tension go. It’s a good way to remember to stay loose.

    You’ll do great! Remember: it’s just one day on your dance journey. When it’s over, you can always go out and dance again the next day without judges watching you!

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  5. You’re going to do great! Embody the dance and let yourself be in the movement, not in your head. Can’t wait to hear about it in your next post 🙂

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