2016 Dance Goals

I have to do this one or Teach turns crazy. At Studio #1 I’m given a sheet with Plans and Goals for life at the top and Dance Goals and Plan at the bottom. Teach used to have everyone fill it out after their lesson and leave it for him, but ever since I brought it home last year and came back with an excellent plan, he sends his students home with it as homework. I may not like resolutions, but if I’m forced to make them, they’re going to be spectacular and well thought out. 🙂 In order to accomplish this, I have to leave the land of glitter and unicorn farts so that I can actually think again.

Dance Goals:

  1. I want to focus on the 9 dance. Originally I had added Samba and Quickstep to my learning, but I feel like it was too much for the amount of lessons that I take with technique being so different. So I’m really only adding Bolero and taking away the other two. For now.
  2. Cuban Motion while dancing with another person not my spouse. This is awkward. I told teach that it’s awkward and that I want to fix it and be able to dance sexyish with him. (I blushed 50 shades of red as I said it.)
  3. I want my posture/back to look like Edita Daniute. Who said this has to be a logical list? Teach said that if he gets my posture that good I have to wear a backless dress. We shook on it.
  4. I want my Tango to be sharper. Nuff said.
  5. Swing. I want to get over my brain block for this dance. It’s a long story. Maybe I’ll tell you some time.

Life Plans (I leave it mostly blank, obviously)

  1. Save money for backless dress (hehe)
  2. Pass 6th Grade with my daughter

That’s it. We’ll revisit this around June/July unless I meet them all sooner. I know when I get to lesson that he’ll want to add events to this list. (Comp, Team Match, Showcase, etc) Then I’ll have to remind him of how lucky he is to get to teach me at all. Our relationship is like that.

Do others of you make dance goals that are sharable?


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