January Dance Wrap Up

January had me cancelling half my lessons for illness, both mine and others. You know how things run through a house and no-one gets sick at the same time? This is what happened. I kind of wish we were all sick at once so we could just do it already, but no. So, my last pair of lessons I took when I was almost over my sickness. My problem being that I get dizzy randomly as I’m standing. Obviously I was a bit nervous to dance, but it all worked out. I took two lessons with a break in the middle. It worked perfectly so I could rehydrate and rest a bit.

We discussed what my plans are for this year. I made a decision to not do a competition this year. I really want to dance both Smooth and Rhythm. I can’t afford to do both at one of their competitions. Then I would have to choose between styles and I would never get to Rhythm. So I’m going to shoot for doing a Team Match. This is styled like a competition, but you’re dancing for best studio, not for yourself. The students do get a competency percentage at the end of the day, but that’s just to give us something. I think this is a wise choice because it’s one day (cheaper), and I’ll be able to try out my Rhythm routines. Of course, if I come into money or get a huge raise, this may change. 🙂

During lessons we worked on Waltz and Rumba. We’re upgrading our Waltz routine to a Full Bronze routine. It really means adding a Waterfall to it. This is one of those steps that looks lovely, but is not as easy as it looks. It’s bringing in to play that thought that my upper half has to stay with him, but my lower body has to do it’s own thing. This separation is difficult for me, plus, I’m a bit used to him placing me nicely in the direction where I’m supposed to go. (AKA being spoiled by my pro partner) I think I’m making it seem like I was having a harder time than I actually was. I can do it just fine. I just have to think about these movements for some reason.

As for Rumba, I’m working on Cuban Motion. I think I’m going to be working on it forever. It’s never good enough. 🙂 I can’t even describe what he’s focusing on, to be honest. I know I’m using my knees more and I’m attempting the pretty lines that are required. Obviously, I’m going to need a few more lessons on this.

I have a lot of other things to say, but I’ve written and erased them a bunch of times because it’s not coming out how I want. Maybe I’ll get it right and post it. Or maybe I’ll just comment on all your posts to get it out. I hope everyone has great dancing this week.