Homeschool Update

Everything has changed since September. What can I say, I spent a lot of time planning something that didn’t work out for us. Was it a waste of time? Not really. Now I know how poorly the comprehensive curriculum workbooks actually work in our situation.

Life of Fred for math is still wonderful. Little Mop Top completed the Elementary Series and began Fractions. She has been “behind” since I took her out of school after third grade, but this doesn’t bother me. I want her to understand more than I want her to be at grade level. Part of the charm of Life of Fred is that there are no grade levels on the books, so there’s no indication to the child whether or not they’re ahead, behind or on level according to someone’s rules. (who decides these things anyway?) We did grab some Kumon workbooks for basic mathematic drills. I really like how things are introduced in the Kumon books and I highly recommend them.

Little Mop Top is an excellent speller and she tested out of the entire sixth grade spelling words. Grammar is something we both struggle with. She did have a LOT of grammar instruction through Calvert school, so I decided to buy the Life of Fred Language Arts series. It’s meant for High School, but the first two books are perfect for even younger children. I plan to have her read through the series every year. I also changed writing curriculum. We were both slacking at this subject. I needed more support in my efforts, so after some research I decided to purchase Writing With Skill. It’s only been two weeks, but I have high hopes!

History and Science need a change. We’ve been pretty lazy about it, doing History with literature, and completing science by reading Kids Discover Magazine. Throw in a few Crash Course videos and mark it done. While this could work with a child who likes to figure things out and spend time looking at books… Little Mop Top is not such a child. Although completely delightful in many ways, she is not a student. As a result, I’m going to continue History as is – I have several interesting units planned, and I purchased Real Science 4 Kids Focus on Physics to try.

It’s funny to look at my original plans compared to what is going on now. I guess it’s normal to be figuring things out three years into homeschooling. I’m sure plans will continue to evolve over the years. Stay tuned. I haven’t used this blog as I intended for my homeschool adventures; I intend to change that now. Look for biweekly updates and an occasional rant. No-one said this is easy, but it sure is worthwhile. Have a happy week.