Review: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancy

I received a few requests for the reasons why I gave The 5th Wave only 3/5 stars. First, 3/5 stars is a solid, good book. There were only a few things that went wrong for me, but they were biggies.

  1. It was very slow and Cassie kept repeating herself. After the fifth time she said she couldn’t trust anybody I just wanted to scream. Yes, she couldn’t trust for good reasons, but I felt like we needed to move on already!
  2. There were many times that the POV of a new chapter went back too far in the past and didn’t stay up to where the book was. I don’t think I’m explaining this well at all, but I know it kept the book from moving forward for me.
  3. This one is strange, but I felt like I had read this book before. Nothing surprised me. None of the twists were unexpected.

Those are the major problems I had with the book. I kept thinking while I was reading that it would make an excellent movie. I could visualize everything that he was writing and I loved that. So the book was not all bad, it just could have been paced better. I also thought that Cassie had very realistic reactions to the horror around her until she met Evan.

It’s hard to rate books sometimes. I can be a mood reader, so if it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, I won’t enjoy it as much. I’m also an adult reader. I’ve read a LOT of books in my life (only child, no TV), it’s only natural that I’ll start seeing repeated ideas. If it doesn’t give me some sort of emotion and I’m not surprised, but I like the writing style, three stars seems reasonable.

This wasn’t the most well thought out review because I didn’t take notes while I read the book so I had nothing to look back on to spur my memory and the feelings that I had. I will be reading the next book in the series, then finishing the trilogy in May. I do want to see if one of the series gives me what I’m looking for. Plus, I own them!


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      1. One of my new years resolutions is that I would finish reading all the books I bought last year before I bought any new books. I failed. Two days ago I bought 5 books on amazon and I still have books I haven’t read from last year.

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