I’m Not Mature Enough to Dance

I had a wonderful lesson on Leap Day. It saw me descend to the maturity level of a maybe-14-year old. Two words: Shadow Position. Dance = Tango.

Teach is teaching me my Full Bronze routines for the time we compete again in the future (aiming for August). There’s a piece in there that is something that Gomez and Morticia Addams would dance. I don’t know the step names, but you’ll get the idea, it’s nothing earth shattering. Fan, spin into shadow position, then walk with the little shifting hesitation steps… Yes, that one. This is my introduction to shadow position in american smooth.

Teach: “Spin in…”

Me: *spins in and butt crack promptly lands on Teach’s leg* “Eeek! Is my butt crack supposed to touch you like that?!?!?!?!”

Teach: *inflection like he’s either talking to an idiot or trying not to laugh* “It’s Shadow Position. Your butt cheek is going to be on my leg like you’re sitting there.”

Me: “I’m not old enough for this.”

By the end of the lesson I was almost not noticing. It’s just so weird to have him back there. I’ll get used to it… eventually. Body violations are just part of learning to dance. It’s like what I do as a nurse. You just do what you need to do and you don’t even notice what you’re wiping any more. This must be similar. Thoughts or fun stories anyone?

My lessons are going to be different this week to accommodate my vacation to Vermont next week. Stay tuned – a new teaching is being added to help with Rhythm.



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  1. I just learned shadow position, too! It must be in the air 🙂 My partner and I have yet to crash into each other — but since we’re both amateurs and we’re self-taught, we’re probably not doing the move right… and I plan to keep it that way! The less awkward contact, the better 🙂 hahahaha

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