Cancel or Not?

It seems like I’ve been sick all year. I’ve had the flu, the stomach flu, colds, allergies and, last week, a sinus infection. I’m not going to debate on why this year seems to be hitting me like a punch in the gut by The Rock, but I do want to see how others handle this problem: When do you not go to your dance lesson?

I’m an adult female. I work as a nurse. I know when sick is Sick (with a big S). This is the no-brainer call out of work, cancel all scheduled activites and stay in bed. Fever, vomiting, etc, all warrant a halt of activity. As your fever breaks or the vomiting stops, things proceed to the gray area. I don’t want to sound terrible here, but management expects nurses to come to work if their temperature is less than 101 degrees F. They want us to come to work the day after we stop vomiting even if we can’t really eat yet. I know that this is terrible, but that’s healthcare. I don’t agree with it, but there’s not much I can do about it. Stopping at this thought – It’s depressing and makes my blood pressure rise. But, it is possible to not feel your greatest and still work. Depending on your job and level of contact with other humans, this “not feeling well” could go either way – a stay home or a call out. Stay with me here, this is going somewhere.

Dance lessons are a whole other ball game. There is still Sick (with a big S) where cancelling is the only possibility. But when do you go back? This is where it’s hard. I may go back to work but cancel my lesson. Considering how much I love to go to the studio and how many goals I have, why would I do that when I’m merely at the end of a cold?  I don’t want to pass anything on to Teach, that’s for sure. But the bottom line is this: It is a waste of money to go to a lesson that I can’t pay attention to. If my brain is floating in the Milky Way, I need to be at home. I cancelled my lesson on the 28th because I was getting a cold, went to my lesson on the 4th because I was feeling better and then got sick on the way down (don’t forget my 2 hour each way trip). I went to that one because of the 24 hour cancellation policy or you’ll still pay for that lesson thankyouverymuch. Thankfully it was only a single lesson. More on that later. How do you all handle illness and lessons? Are you all lucky to have the constitution of an ox?


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  1. Sorry, I’m pretty ox like. I’ve cancelled lessons because of injuries more than illnesses. About the only time I remember cancelling was when I got a really bad upper respiratory thing and it was hard to breathe without going into a coughing fit. Breathing is kind of important for a dance lesson.

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  2. Knock on wood, good record here … bulled through on pretty much everything except when I had oral surgery. Not to say I haven’t been really ill at times–actually did my last comp coming off of that flu-pneumonia thing that’s been going around !!

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  3. I cancel if I feel feverish, of course, or have some gross respiratory thing going on. If it’s on the fence, I usually judge how I feel the morning of my lesson. Luckily, my teacher won’t charge me if I cancel the same day because of illness. So if I feel like I could keep my energy at a decent level, I go. More often, I have headaches or migraines to deal with. But I hate to miss a lesson, so I always tough it out. Teacher has also cancelled on me when he hears I’m not feeling well! But it’s when he has a comp coming up, so I guess I should be understanding.

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