Too Much Info or My Fried Brain

Now that we’ve established that I’m the wimp of the ballroom community, let’s move on to the lesson after the good lesson. (Just go with me on this.)

If you remember I had a marvelous lesson where I learned all kinds of wonderful things, my brain was open to all the possibilities… and then I had the non magical lesson that comes after. When you go that far up, it’s a long drop back down to reality.

Last Monday we spent 1 1/2 hours on making sure my Foxtrot doesn’t look like Waltz. In this studio’s syllabus, Full Bronze mixes the Bronze basic slows and quicks with a few twinkles that have Silver slows and quicks. (I don’t know if other syllabus are like this.) The timing isn’t the issue – I can slow and quick either way – I tend to go up on my toes too Waltzlike. It’s supposed to be a bit shaper and slinkier. Teach wants people to know by looking at me, even without music, which dance I’m doing. Ok, fine. I get it. He made some great progress with me on that. Then he decides to teach me “the highest level Grapevine footwork I’ll ever need to learn”. All right, fine, I’m game for that, too. That also comes with instructions on how to land properly when on your toes in smooth. Toe, heel, then bend your knee. Ok, fine, I almost got it all up to speed. Then he started talking about how I need to be a more active partner. I now need to do the routine on my own so he can watch me. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where my brain broke. I think I just stared at him, slightly katatonic at this point. In Teach’s defense, he knew without my saying anything what the problem was. The conversation went something like this,

Teach: “S*#&, I went just a bit too far today, didn’t I? Let’s just dance for a bit.”

Me: …….. *grunted my ok*…………

I am a perfectionist. I bring everything I have to these lessons. I want to learn. But sometimes I hit a wall and it’s just ENOUGH. It was too much instruction with not enough progress. I couldn’t quite get where I wanted to be with the Foxtrot and I just shut down. My brain exploded. It was a too much information lesson. I hate it when that happens. HATE IT. On the other side, Teach handled me well. We danced a bunch of times without him giving me any input during the dance (bliss for my fried brain), then we moved on to 15 minutes of Cha Cha hips.

Did you know that there are three types of hips in American Rhythm? Of course you did, I’m just trying to lighten the mood. Anyway, there are deep, normal, and shallow. We practiced all of these briefly and then I ran out of the studio and went out to dinner with my daughter (who still won’t talk to teach after the April Fools joke gone bad). I had a giant Pina Colada and it was wonderful. Another lesson to go to this coming week. I hope I’m up to the challenge. No more TMI. That was no fun.




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  1. We established that you are the wimp of the ballroom community?? I didn’t even know there was an election. Seriously, I can totally relate to the catatonic stare. Good thing he knew he had pushed it too far.

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