Subscription Boxes, TBR’s, and (lack of) Money

Last year I jumped onto the subscription box bandwagon. I believe it started from watching booktube videos of all the cute things in the book boxes, then I started following blogs that review boxes, etc. To be honest, I’m more of a watcher than a buyer, but I have tried a few. I thought that I’d give a little rundown on the book boxes I’ve tried. The disclaimer: I bought these boxes with my own money, for my own enjoyment. I am not affiliated with them in any way.

OwlCrate – This box chooses a monthly theme and sends a YA book that relates to that theme. It’s a new release YA. You also get cute bookish items that also relate to the theme. I like this box when the theme is right. I don’t like high fantasy books with all that magic in them. This can be a problem in a YA book box. I’ve bought 4 of these total.

LitCube – Another box based on a theme. It comes with a book, a wearable, and an edible. This book sends both adult and YA books. They tend to be under the radar type books. I prefer this box when it sends adult reads. Again, the YA books tend to be too magical for my taste. This is my favorite theme box. I’m a regular subsciber and have received more than 6 boxes.

The Best Damn Book Box – A theme box with a YA book and fangirly items. I only bought one box from them. Although the items were lovely, the book was #2 in a series I didn’t plan to read. My blood pressure went up a bit here because I don’t believe any book box should send out a second or greater book in a series. I don’t care how popular the series is.

Muse Monthly – I love this box. It’s a book and tea. That’s it. The tea in some way relates to the book. The wonderful thing about this is that you know what the book is ahead of time. If it’s something your not interested in, you don’t have to purchase it. I’ve only gotten 1 box from them, but I will buy another when the time is right.

Book of the Month – Every month you get a choice between 5 adult books. If you don’t like your choices, you can skip that month. If you like more than on book, or you suffer from remorse that you didn’t get a book the month before, you can add it to your order. I don’t know how they do this for so cheap. These are new release books! This subscription is the best bang for your buck, hands down. No frills. Just a book, a note about why that book was chosen, and a bookmark. Who needs all that extra stuff? I’ve been subscribed for many months now. I love it.

Bookly Box – You choose your genre (from picture books all the way to business books), you get a box with a few tea bags, post it notes and a book. You can change genres any time. The great thing about this box is that they donate a book to a community in need for every box sold. So far I’m pleased.


All these boxes lead to a giant pile of books. Most of them are still unread because I already had a pile to begin with! Trying to find a balance between keeping up with the new and catching up with the old is becoming increasingly difficult. To add to this, these boxes aren’t cheap. I signed up for more dance lessons and for a dance comp so funds are tighter than usual. I decided to keep Bark Box (already paid for and not talked about here), Book of the Month (already paid for – may use skip option for a few months) and Bookly Box for now. They may need to go sometime, too. The rest I had to cancel and many I won’t get to try out any time soon. I own over 300 unread books, so I think I’m fine. 😀 Do you have any subscription boxes that you love? How is everyone else doing with their TBR?