Homeschool Plans for 2016-2017 School Year

It is that time. The new school year officially starts on July 1st in New York State, and I’m a rule follower. 😀 I now have a 7th grader. It’s our 4th year homeschooling and I finally feel like I’ve figured this whole thing out a little bit. Some changes this year include using a Bullet Journal just for homeschool. This journal will help my daughter, and any family members who may be in charge on work days, know what needs to be done each week. It also helps quarterly reports go more smoothly.

We don’t take summer off. We do take summer slowly and with sleep in time. I assign her books that need to be read. We do science experiments, and art projects. We go on field trips and get together with friends to troop through the woods or play in lakes.

Mid-August we start back to more “formal” schoolwork. I warned my daughter that this year may take a bit more time than prior years because she’s firmly in middle school now. NYS has stringent requirements, and although I know that every moment they’re learning, certain areas need to be taught.


  • Life of Fred Language Arts – these are geared toward high school students, but the first three are fine to use with younger students.
  • Writing With Skill Level 1 – we started this midway through last year and it seems to be working. We’ll continue and perhaps start the next level during the year.
  • Plenty of Novels. I have over 30 books for her to read this year. I’m going to make a whole post on them, so look for that.

History and Geography

  • Lapbook on Government and the Election Process
  • History Year by year – we’ll go through half this year and half next.
  • A geography course. I haven’t decided which I want to do yet.


  • Carbon Chemistry – She did The Elements by the same author to finish out last year. It was a hit and she can’t wait to start this one.
  • Focus on Middle School Physics – This is new to us and looking at the book was exciting. I can’t wait to try it out.
  • Another unit that is undecided. If the Focus On series is a huge hit, I may purchase one of the other titles. The other possibility is one of the biology courses I have.


  • Life of Fred – always and forever. This works. We’ll start with Decimals and Percents and move on to Pre-Algebra 0 with Physics. Then this girl will be all caught up with Math!
  • Kumon workbooks for extra practice


  • Art Pac 4 – I know, it’s for 4 th grade. But she’s never really done art like this before and they recommend starting here.
  • Lego sets.

Health/Library Skills

  • I have so many resources. She needs to learn more about Dewey Decimal this year.


  • She does Gymnastics three times a week
  • Outdoor play, hiking, swimming, skiing, etc.

In addition, she’ll be starting French. Duolingo to start, but then I may either purchase Rosetta Stone or use online resources. We’re also thinking of starting a Booktube channel for fun.

That’s the plan so far. Does anyone have recommendations for world geography or language learning?


4 thoughts on “Homeschool Plans for 2016-2017 School Year

  1. I also used Duolingo to learn Portuguese. It definitely helps as a way to start. I ended up having classes in Uni and I’m able to understand most of it when I listen carefully. (But it’s very similar to Spanish)

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  2. My daughter did world geography 2 years ago. I used 2 workbooks and a world map puzzle. I got them all from Rainbow Resource. The workbooks are World Geography 3rd Edition, and World Geography: Where in the World Are You. Those 2 workbooks worked well together for a very well rounded geography program about maps and world cultures. Then last year she studied South America with Christian Light Education’s Social Studies 6 “Neighbors in Latin America”.

    Also, the Focus On series is pretty light. We did 3 topics in 1 year (biology, chemistry, and physics). Get the Review Activities (available from Rainbow Resources) to make it a more well-rounded program instead of just doing the readings and workbook pages.

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    1. I appreciate the feedback. I’m going to check out those resources. I definately want world geography. We’ve done US geography thoroughly. I’m going to pick up the review activities as you suggested for the Focus On series. It did seem a bit thin. Thank you so much for the feedback!


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