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I have to say, my final pre comp lessons went well. The waltz routine he wants to do doesn’t contain anything that I didn’t already know, so that’s nice. Then we just danced rounds. He was pleased with all dances but Mambo, my newest. There’s one figure that I still stumble over. I wish I knew its name or could describe it to you, but alas, I’m not that talented.

Now my cynical self is going to come out. Teach made no comments about my technique or hips in Rhythm. Neither of these aspects are in my body except as sloth pace. I know he was hoping I would be better by now, but it’s just not happening. I really appreciate Teach building me up now, because it’s just too late to make something go into my body that’s not there yet. I wish my cynical side could just take that lesson as the calming, back rub that it was (with me being prone to freak out and perfectionism). But I know too well that it’s too late for anything but minor touch ups at this point. Don’t worry, I’m not in a bad place. It was good to be able to just get through the rounds without straining my ankle or dropping of heat exhaustion. My cynical brain just does an eye roll because I see through these tactics.

There is also a level of attention for this comp that is new for me and a bit unsettling. First Team Match was a show up and go on the floor deal. In November, I just showed my dress to Teach and did my thing. This time, Manager Lady, Lady R, Teach’s Wife, and seemingly, everyone in the studio is keenly interested in my body grooming, costuming, routines, etc. I thought a new pair of shoes and a Rhythm dress would be the end. (I’ve always gone with the professional hair and makeup – I’m clueless with hair.) That is not the case. Who knew I would need a wax, fish nets, and additional tanning. As if I’m not tan enough! And fishnets? Yuck!!! It’s so HOT. Why would anyone wear all that?! But guess who went out and bought fishnets and some dancer body bronze crap that makes me sparkle like a fairy. This sucker, that’s who. This leads to the question: Why now? Why this dance event? Teach’s wife commented on a Facebook post I put up with the comment that I just upgraded myself from beginner to competitor. I guess that makes a little sense, but (here comes Mr. Cynical) could it be that I’m spending enough money on this comp to be noticed?

Yesterday I get a call from Manager Lady. To set the scene, I’m at work. I work as a nurse in a critical area, so my mind isn’t necessarily on this phone call as much as it should be. I saw the studio number and picked up in case there was a problem with something for Saturday. That wasn’t it. Manager Lady said that the higher up’s in the company decided that for those who sign up for 50 heats, they will get 5 free heats with instructors from other studios. She goes on to tell me that she thinks this would be a “great challenge” for me and since I’m already at 49 heats, would I like to buy one, get 5 free? I’m a sucker and at work, so I say “Sure!” I will now refer you to the questions at the end of the previous paragraph. And cue today’s freak out. What was I thinking? I don’t want to dance with random instructors! I’m neurotic enough without this particular “challenge”. On the opposite side of the spectrum, it’s like gym classes gone by, What if none of them want to dance with me? This was a poor decision. One that I’m going to have to live with now. But it does beg the question: Is she only calling me because I’m spending that much money anyway? If you’re on the list of top students, you’re spending too much money. I’d better not be on there. I prefer under the radar.

The hotel is confirmed. I’ve made the decision that I’d rather lug a bazillion suitcases on the subway than worry about parking at the hotel. I will have two lovely nights alone in the hotel room – the family decided to stay home. There’s just no money to pay the giant fee they charge to spectate. Now I just need to get my husband to relax. He’s concerned for my safety, which I respect and admire – it’s part of his job. But he’s being overly concerned. He’s convinced that my hotel is in a bad part of town, but it’s not. Things can happen anytime, anywhere, and without reason. I’m always on guard, but I refuse to live my life in constant fear of what can happen. Now if I could just apply that to my dancing. I’ll be thinking of all those who are dancing this week and weekend and a big thank you to all those who are lending support. I just love this community!


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  1. The money probably has something to do with it but I think the comment about moving to a competitor is what drives this. When you show a level of commitment (which is more than money), then I think they start investing more to make sure you do well at the comp – things like the wax and fishnets. (All of which make me so glad I’m a guy!!) Oh and on the dances with other instructors, treat them like the freebies they are and just go have fun. Best of luck to you and I can’t wait to read all about it.

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