Further Reflections

Of course I’ve been thinking on Team Match for the past week. I just haven’t had the chance to write my thoughts down.

I broke the cardinal rule. I watched video of myself and looked at pictures. My dancing was AWFUL. Completely below par. And I’m enormous. Cue my diet. I look huge.

I’m not trying to be completely incognito on this blog. If someone who knows me finds the blog, that’s fine, but I don’t encourage it or blab about that I have a blog. So I’m going to put up the horrible video of me dancing Rhythm with no energy, no technique, and my butt. Yes, the studio shot the last 4 heats of the day on 360 degree camera and posted it everywhere. This happened to be the Scholarship round that I was dancing with a broken toe. Now the whole world can see how fat I am and what a huge butt I have (because the angle of the camera went up my fluffy skirt during Mambo). I’m so embarrassed. At this point, all I can do is laugh. It’s that bad. So I might as well humiliate myself amongst friends before I go to the studio and have to face all the perfect, perky people there.

I’m the chunky one in pink with a black belt. Teach is tall and one of the perky ones. Grab a glass of something and enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Further Reflections

  1. I commend you for posting something that you reacted so strongly to. I’ve watched it multiple times from multiple angles. It is nowhere near as bad as you think. Are there ladies with more leg action? Yes, there certainly were some that were kicking higher. Bet they didn’t have a broken toe though. Does it mean you looked like you didn’t belong? Of course not. I’m certainly not going to comment on your butt because that’s a conversation a man can never win. 🙂 Seriously, it isn’t the train wreck you think it is.

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  2. I’m in total agreement with Wall — nowhere near the disaster you’re thinking! You make a really well put together appearance on the floor and you look like you’re really having a good time. 🙂

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